Adult Education and Formation


“GIFT” (Growing In Faith Together) Program
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 7 pm in the Parish Center Lobby Meeting Room
Topic : “Everyday Mysticism – Seeing Christ in My Everyday Life”
Speaker: Fr. Thomas Whittingham, Pastor, St. Katherine Drexel Parish
Fr. Tom will share with us how opening our eyes to see that Jesus’ own life is being lived out in the lives of everyone we meet each day can turn our “everyday” existence into a “mystical” experience. The talk is based on the life and writings of Caryll Houselander, using insights from some of her writings. There is no cost to attend, and registration is not required.

Charismatic Prayer Group
January prayer meetings will resume at the usual times: on the 3rd Wednesday at 1 pm – January 17 and on the 4th Tuesday at 7 pm – January 23, in the Parish Center Chapel. Please mark your calendars – we will begin our New Year praising and thanking God.

Married couples – Save the Date!
Friday, February 9, 2018 ~ Mater Dei School Cafeteria/Gym
Join us to celebrate your marriage with a special dinner and a spiritually enriching talk with Father Michael Mullan. This event is sure to be a blessing for your marriage…an early Valentine for your valentine! Watch the bulletin for more details and to sign up in the coming weeks ~ we expect it to be a sell out!

“10-Minute Catechism”
Once a month, one of our parish Priests or Deacons will be giving a brief 5-minute presentation on a relevant topic, followed by a 5-minute opportunity for questions from anyone on the subject. We will limit this time to strictly 10 minutes in order to not interfere with your other activities after Mass.  Check the Sunday bulletin for dates. Any parishioners who are interested can remain after Mass to participate. We will be gathering in the front pews on the Lansdale Avenue side of the Church, near the piano. All are welcome.

Charismatic Prayer Meetings
Meetings take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 1 pm and the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Parish Center Chapel. Come with expectant faith, and bring a friend.

Parish Reading Room
The Reading Room is located on the chapel level just outside the chapel, above the Katharine Drexel Chapel. There is a wide selection of materials – books, videos and DVD’s. Topics include Spirituality, Prayer, Scripture, Women’s Topics, biographies, children’s and many more. The Reading Room will be open after daily and Sunday Mass only. Come on Sunday after Mass and take home some Catholic reading or viewing material to make this Lent a more spiritual time. Click here for a list of materials currently available in our library.


What is the R.C.I.A. More than you thought!
Do you know anybody who is attracted to Catholicism or has been seeking answers to the restlessness in their heart, grappling with the most important questions like, “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of my life?” Are you a non-Catholic spouse or friend of a Catholic and have ever considered becoming Catholic? Were you baptized or received First Holy Communion but never Confirmed? The R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) addresses the fundamental questions that arise from the human experience while providing an introduction to the Catholic faith for persons inquiring about or desiring to become Catholic. The course may also serve as instruction and formation in the faith for adult Catholics who lack any of the sacraments. The course is less about doctrine or catechism and more about learning to grow in friendship with Christ through reading of Sacred Scripture, participation in the Mass as a personal encounter with Christ, and a shared journey within the community of the Church. Sessions begin in September at the Parish Center from 7 pm to 8:30 and extend through the Easter season. Questions or inquiries can be directed to Fr. Forlano at 215.855.3133, ext. 111 or at
R.C.I.A. “Team Members” wanted!
The model that Jesus gave us for passing on the faith – our relationship with Him – is not through the Catechism and a set of moral norms, but by “sharing life” with others. Jesus didn’t say, “read this” or “learn this” but “Come and see” and “follow me” (John 1: 39, 43). The disciples came to discover the meaning of their lives and that Jesus was the Savior through the experience of their friendship with Him and by staying with Him even when they didn’t understand what Jesus was saying. Jesus continues to attract and form disciples through this same method today through His mystical body, the Church. What is needed are not teachers but witnesses – people who demonstrate by their “way” of life that their relationship with Christ is what gives life, all of life, “life” – fullness, meaning, purpose, and direction. If you are interested in journeying with those who have become awakened by an encounter with Christ or are seeking a way, for yourself, to be renewed in your own relationship with the Lord and to see Him alive in the Church, please consider joining the R.C.I.A. “Team”. Please contact Fr. Forlano at 215.855.3133, ext. 111 or at for more information.


If any of your family members or friends have left the practice of their Catholic faith, suggest they check out It’s a painless way to evangelize – and an effective way for those who have left the Church to rethink their decision. St. Stanislaus has a “Landings” program for those who want to investigate returning. Please call 215.855.3133 to learn about sessions that are held in the comfortable non-threatening setting of parishioners’ homes.