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Great audio talks for every age and interest – even audio books – all through our parish FORMED subscription. The suggestions below are perfect for family vacation. Listen on your phone or tablet while traveling, on the beach or by the pool. Register today: Go to, click on “Register.” First time users should  enter our parish code ZR6M2C. You’ll be asked to enter a user name for yourself and create a password. In the future, just log in with your user name & password. It’s easy!

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On this feast of the Transfiguration, take time to ponder the divinity of Christ. And if we truly believe thatHe is God, are we making Him Lord of our lives?

Who Is God?: Session 3/

Is Jesus Really Divine?

In Study: YDisciple

Jesus Is…

In Listen: Explaining the Catholic Faith

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for August, 2017:

(If the video fails to appear in the window below, it can be viewed at

For the month of August, Pope Francis proposes that the world pray for the artists of our time and their works of art. Above all, he hopes that they can help transmit the beauty of creation.

Therefore, in the video created to spread his prayer intention for this month, writers, painters and musicians from all continents can be seen while united nature.

The arts give expression to the beauty of the faith and proclaim the Gospel message of the grandeur of God’s creation. When we admire a work of art or a marvel of nature, we discover how everything speaks to us of Him and of his love,” says the pope.

Therefore, it invites us to ask for the artists of our time, so through their creativity they “may help us discover the beauty of creation.”

Each month, Pope Francis invites the faithful to pray for the intention he entrusts to the Church. Starting in 2017 the Pope will present only one prepared prayer intention per month, rather than the two presented before this year. He plans, however, to add a second prayer intention each month related to current events or urgent needs, like disaster relief. The urgent prayer request will help mobilize prayer and action related to the urgent situation.