Fifty-eight years ago, many parishioners of St. Stanislaus took a break from an escalating Cold War and from the closing of the Berlin Wall to inaugurate the annual St. Stanislaus Summer Festival. Now, warm nights, great music, plenty of snacks and beverages are the perfect accompaniments for this annual summer event. Ours is the longest carnival/festival in the area. Planning for the Festival begins in the fall! If you are interested in being a volunteer, reach out to us: 01festival01@gmail.com.

Due to covid-19, the 2020 St. Stanislaus Parish Festival was changed to various events throughout the summer. 

Stay tuned for any information on 2021.

The Parish Garage Sale 2021 will be held starting in July.  If you are selling a home, cleaning out a home, or just wanting to dust less items in your home please keep the sale in mind.  Your support has been greatly appreciated over the years. More information will be published in our bulletin as it becomes available.

2019 St. Stanislaus Parish Festival Results
Revenue Expenses Net Contribution
Parish Game Booths $8,851.51 $1,624.17 $7,227.34
Food Booths $47,087.24 $21,019.93 $26,067.31
Games of Chance $16,810.49 $10,223.47 $6,587.02
Garage Sale $9,860.28 $200.00 $9,660.28
Rides $74,813.10 $54,247.00 $20,566.10
$157,422.62 $87,314.57 $70,108.05
Festival Sponsorships $7,312.78
Festival    Donations $694.81
Police, Ambulance  & Security -$6,167.00
Bands -$4,800.00
Signage, Mailings &    Advertising -$4,022.42
Setup/Take down -$2,743.97
Festival Net  Proceeds $60,382.25

Garage Sale: The St. Stanislaus Garage sale helps to offset the cost of the Festival. Will you help?

Do you have a collection of salt and pepper shakers, angels, or tea pots that has gotten too large? Are you moving, cleaning out a home or attic? Please keep the Festival Garage sale in mind for items you no longer want!

Needed Items: kitchen items, jewelry, knick-knacks, collectible items, flatware, tools, garden items, toys (all pieces, please). Items should be clean and complete.

We cannot accept: TV’s, computers, microwaves, Christmas items, luggage, furniture of any kind, clothing, baby items, pillows, tablecloths and bedding.

Questions? Email us: ststan@comcast.net or call the Parish Center to leave a message for the Festival Team! Thanks in advance for your assistance!