Festival and Garage Sale

St. Stanislaus Summer Festival
Fifty-eight years ago, many parishioners of St. Stanislaus took a break from an escalating Cold War and from the closing of the Berlin Wall to inaugurate the annual St. Stanislaus Summer Festival. Now, warm nights, great music, plenty of snacks and beverages are the perfect accompaniments for this annual summer event.
Ours is the longest carnival/festival in the area.
Come out and join the crew!

Festival Committee
A Committee of dedicated Parishioners work hard while having fun to run this family friendly event. A Tradition almost 60 years strong!
We meet monthly starting in February. Festival Setup begins in earnest at the end of June.
We are on the grounds every Monday and Wednesday evening and Saturdays until kick off!
New members and new ideas encouraged! If you are interested in being a volunteer, reach out to us: 01festival01@gmail.com.

Thank you to all our parishioners who volunteered, and who attended the 2022 St. Stan’s Summer Festival!
You all make it a success!