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GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Goodsearch Search Engine
Click on the link above to be routed to this search engine. In the text box under Who do you Goodsearch for?St. Stanislaus Parish and School then click on the Verify button and choose our parish and school from the list. You can add Goodsearch to your browser toolbar or make it your homepage by clicking on the links provided. We earn $.01 for every genuine search (please read the exclusions.)

World Book Online
Saint Stanislaus Parish School has contracted with World Book to provide access to the encyclopedia for all school families. Click on the link above to be routed to the encyclopedia.

Please see the Instructional Technology and Internet Safety resource pamphlet distributed to students last year for information on log-in ID’s and passwords. We ask all families not to share the information for any subscription service or services that require a user name or password, with anyone outside of the Saint Stanislaus Parish School community. Failure to respect this request may result in the loss of all privileges.

Click on the icon to be directed to the Noodle Tools website.

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