Sacrament Information

Sacrament Reception

   The Celebration of a Sacrament is a joyful occasion in the life of a young Christian. It is a gift from Christ.

 In order for your child to fully appreciate the reception of a Sacrament, he or she must possess a strong understanding of the Sacrament being administered.

St. Stanislaus prepares children for reception of the Sacraments as follows:

Reconciliation & First Communion ~ Grade 2

Confirmation ~ Grade 7

**Note to current 6th graders – The meeting scheduled for 2/28/21 has been postponed and will be rescheduled later in the school year.  I will contact you when a new date has been set.**

Children must be baptized before entering the preparation for these sacraments.  Baptism should occur PRIOR to the age of 7.

  (Please contact the Parish Center if your child needs to be baptized.)

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia recommends a minimum of two consecutive years of formation prior to a child receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion.

 Parents of children preparing to receive a Sacrament are required to attend Parent Meetings scheduled on the yearly calendar.
Children preparing to receive Sacraments are required to attend a Retreat Day, practices, and other events as scheduled.

                          Act 175 is a state law which provides excused and released time from public school attendance for religious instruction.

St. Stanislaus Religious Education Office will provide an excuse form for these students when necessary.