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Important information for Mater Dei parents

of St. Stanislaus Parish:

St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church

51 Lansdale Avenue, Lansdale, Pa  19446-2972

Telephone: 215.855.3133 /  Fax: 215.855.5478 /



Our Parish is committed to the religious education and spiritual formation of adults and children to

• bring them to know Jesus Christ;

• find joy and comfort in a relationship with Him;

• assist them in moral decision-making; and

• invite them to a deeper conversion of life to witness in a personal way to Christ’s action in their lives.

Personal involvement in the Parish (which includes – but is not limited to – participation in sacramental and liturgical life, volunteerism, personal presence, and financial support) is a responsibility and expectation of every Parishioner who is able to do so, especially those Parishioners who are parents of children attending Catholic schools.  Historically, St. Stanislaus has provided a Parish Scholarship to participating Parishioners to send their children to the Parish school (first, St. Stanislaus, now MATER DEI CATHOLIC SCHOOL) at a reduced and more affordable cost.  The amount of Parish monies allocated for this purpose in the 2016/17 budget is $307,000, or about 24% of our total projected Offertory collections donated for Parish use by the St. Stanislaus community.  In order to be financially responsible to all the members of the Parish, the policy below details a consistent and fair guideline, which governs the allocation of Parish scholarships. 

Parish Policy

It is assumed that families who register for the Parish school desire the scholarship and will meet the following Parish expectations in order to receive it:

     Each registered family is to be active in its faith by fully participating in Parish life as   they are able.  This includes regular Sunday Mass attendance.

     Parishioner families will support the WHOLE PARISH through regular Sunday collections.  

     Parish tuition scholarships are available for families that contribute a minimum of $780 during the Parish fiscal year, which begins July 1st and ends on June 30th (which closely corresponds to the school year) in the Yellow Sunday Church envelopes, personal checks or EFT payments.  Contributions must be identifiable in order to be properly credited to a family’s yearly history of giving. This amounts to a minimum of $15 per week, a rate that has remained unchanged for more than 25 years ($15 x 52 weeks = $780).  If Sunday offerings are not on track to total $780 by April 30, a family will not be eligible for the reduced Participating Parishioner tuition rates for the following school year.  Any family that is unable to meet this minimum offering can contact the Parish business manager to arrange a meeting with the Parish financial council members to discuss individual situations.  New school families can contact the Parish and request a meeting to review availability of tuition assistance for the initial school year.

The following steps will increase understanding of the St. Stanislaus Scholarship program:

• Parish Participation Scholarship Program Acknowledgment Form

Families signing the acknowledgment form below state that they have received, understand and agree to the policy outlined above.   Until a signed acknowledgment form is on file at the Parish Business Office, the family will not be eligible for a Parish scholarship and therefore will not qualify for the Parishioner tuition rate.   Parents of new students can pick up an acknowledgment form when registering at MATER DEI or, alternately, at the St. Stanislaus Parish Center.

• Quarterly Contribution Statements

Each quarter, the Parish will send contribution statements to St. Stanislaus families with children at MATER DEI CATHOLIC SCHOOL. These are for information purposes only, intended to assist families track their accumulated contribution amount to ensure on-going scholarship eligibility.  If Sunday offerings posted to a family’s account do not total $780 during the Parish’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), the family will not be eligible for a Parish subsidy in the upcoming year.

Please sign the Acknowledgment of Policy Receipt below and send it to the Parish Center Office using a method described below:

• drop it off at the Parish Center main desk – attention Business Manager

• include it in your Sunday offering envelope

• mail [51 Lansdale Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446]

• Fax [215-855-5478]  or

• e-mail []
Signed Acknowledgment of Policy Receipts should be returned by the last day of school, JUNE 14, 2016 .

Acknowledgment of Policy Receipt (please return this section to the Parish Office as indicated above)

I received and understand the St. Stanislaus Parish Scholarship Policy and its provisions.

Parent Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Children’s Name/s (including last names if different from name above) & Grades in 2016-17: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________________________________Date:_______________________

April 2016