Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Tracy (Pastor) 215-855-3133
Rev. Philip M. Forlano (Parochial Administrator, pro tem) 215-855-3133
Rev. Robert C. Yetman (pro tem) 215-855-3133 
  In residence:

Rev. Zachary W. Navit (St. Mary Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare) 215-368-0900
Permanent Deacons
Deacon Charles Lewis (Permanent Deacon) 215-855-3133
Deacon Juan A. Valentin (Permanent Deacon) 215-855-3133 
Deacon Anthony J. Bellitto, Jr. (Permanent Deacon) 215-855-3133
Mater Dei Catholic School
Miss Diane  E. McCaughan (Principal) 215-368-0995
Mrs. Rosemary O’Tormey (School Office) 215-368-0995
Mrs. Joan Outland (School Office) 215-368-0995
Mrs. Grace Samanns (Advancement Director) 215-368-0995
Parish Religious Education and Parish Staff
Mrs. Leona Russell (Coordinator of Religious Education) 215-855-9893
 Parish Center Staff
Sr. Dolora Curley, OSF (Hospital Ministry) 215-855-3133
Mrs. Trish Cunningham (Parish Records Administrator) 215.855.3133, ext. 108
Mrs. Dorie Borowski (Office Manager) 215-855-3133
Mrs. Cat Mattingly (Communications Coordinator) 215-855-3133, ext. 107
Mrs. Penny Mitchell (Parish Business Manager) 215-855-3133, ext. 105
Sr. Barbara McGahan, RSM (Parish Social Ministry & Bereavement) 215-361-3763
Mrs. Mary Gaus (Director, Music Ministry) 215-855-3133