Confirmation Information & Forms

Dear 2022 Confirmation Candidates and Families,

Thank you to those who were available to attend our meeting on  May 23 or one of the make-up meetings!

E-copies of all of the forms in the Red folder are included below if you need to reprint them.

Here is a link to Fr. Sean’s talk at the meeting for anyone who missed it:

I will be praying for all of you throughout the coming year!

God bless,

Mrs. Russell

Welcome Letter – English

Welcome Letter – Spanish

Confirmation Calendar

Confirmation Calendar – Spanish

Family Information Sheet

Family Information Sheet – Spanish

Sponsor Requirements & Interview – English

Sponsor Requirements & Interview – Spanish

Resources for Choosing A Saint Name

 (Note:  Saint Projects are all being done within the individual classrooms and were due before the end of the 2020-2021 school year.)

Works of Charity Info and Forms

Works of Charity Ideas

Works of Charity Info/Ideas and Forms – Spanish


Volunteer Interview

Volunteer Interview – Spanish

Volunteer Ministries List

          Volunteer Ministries List – Spanish

Study Guide/Questions