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Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The reading for this Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 are: Jer 23:1-6; Eph 2:13-18; Mk 6:30-34


Ethical Development of Shingles Vaccines: The only vaccines readily available in the United States for some contagious diseases (e.g., rubella and Hepatitis A) have been manufactured using fetal tissue from induced abortions. This creates a problem of conscience for some Catholic parents.

As recommended by the Pontifical Academy for Life in 2005, a long-term solution lies in working to ensure that future vaccines and other medicines are not based on cooperation with practices that demean human life. This applies to products based on abortion, as well as to projected therapies from destruction of human embryos for their stem cells.

The FDA recently approved a new shingles vaccine that does not use aborted fetal cell lines, and has given it a preferential recommendation over the only other available, and morally problematic, shingles vaccine on the market. A joint letter from our colleagues at the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) and the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) provides more detail and some helpful suggestions. It is our hope that, with some encouragement, the manufacturer of this new vaccine may consider creating other morally acceptable vaccines.

We are including a template thank-you letter to GSK that could be used by any Catholic individual/family.  Any encouragement to create additional morally acceptable products will certainly be strengthened if we can show a market demand for such alternatives. Thank you for spreading this good news, and for sharing your own gratitude with the manufacturer. We welcome these opportunities where we can illustrate that, contrary to popular opinion, the Church is not opposed to scientific advancement.

St. Stan Festival 2018 — Volunteer to help!

Ours is the longest-running festival in the area, but it can’t continue without you! Volunteering for the Festival is a great way to meet new people while supporting an important Parish fundraiser.  Consider signing up for one, two, or all days!  Help is also needed with the Garage Sale — this ongoing event raises money to assist with Festival planning. Click the link below to access the volunteer sign-up form.  You will not be required to register with the website to sign up; you will only be asked for contact information so we can get in touch with you.  You will have the opportunity to select days, times, and tasks.

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Raffle tickets have been mailed out, so keep an eye on your mailbox!  To be eligible for the Early Bird Raffle, you must get your tickets in no later than July 31st!

Safe Environment Class Opportunity at St. Stans! If you are interested in volunteering with CYO, St. Stanislaus Parish, or with Mater Dei Catholic School, take advantage of the 3 opportunities available at our own St. Stanislaus to take the mandatory Protecting God’s Children class:

Saturday, August 4 at 9am,

Wednesday, August 22 at 7pm, or

Sunday, September 23 at 7pm

All session take place in the Parish Center.  Register today at www.virtus.org

Homilies and Pastor Columns Online

Review Msgr. Tracy’s Pastor Column, Fr. Ravert’s Spanish Homilies, and archived homilies HERE.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to access past homilies. 

CYO Fall Registration Info: Click HERE!

Consider being a COACH this fall!  CYO is always looking for coaches for all sports. 

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Catholic Women’s Conference, October 27, 2018: Click on the video below for a preview!

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