Food Cupboard

Our April food collection is coming up on the weekend of April 4 & 5. This time of year our food cupboard is in great need of the following items:
Non-Food Needs: paper towels; liquid hand soap; body wash; laundry detergent
Food Needs: plain rice; pastas (all varieties); canned beans (all varieties EXCEPT green beans); canned meats; coffee; sugar and honey; cold cereals; granola bars; canned fruits; individual juice packs; jams and jellies; salad dressings
Also, we need your help by NOT giving us:
Baby items – Catholic Social Services in Norristown can really use them!
Outdated or opened food items – we cannot give these out and we must then dispose of it & the local bird sanctuary no longer takes them!
Over-sized products or packages – we find they are not taken and remain on our shelves;
Any sugared items where healthier substitutes are available: cereals, snacks, etc.;
Prepared rice – people seem to prefer plain rice as the prepared rice boxes remain on our shelves;
Thank you again in advance, for your wonderful generosity! May God bless you and your families especially during the Easter Season for your on-going support to the needy in our Lansdale community.

To All Our Generous Donors at Christmas
Our Parish Social Ministry and Youth Ministry wish to thank our great donors. Once again, all you who contributed to our Christmas Giving Outreach Project were wonderfully generous. Following are numbers showing just how much help you provided for our needy brothers and sisters.
Number of children: 102, locally in Lansdale
Number of gifts given to Catholic Social Services: approximately 20 large bags, serving 170 families
Financial Donations to assist Parish Social Ministry throughout the year: $7,967
May God abundantly bless you for all you do!
With much gratitude,
Sister Barbara and Mrs. Peggy Dominick