Christmas Gift Program
On the first weekend of Advent, November 28th and 29th, our parish Christmas Gift Giving Trees will be set up with gift tags for you to take and help those in need in our area.
This year, families in need will be able to select gifts for their children, according to gender and age, rather than asking for specific items. We hope this will make the process easier and more effective for all! We will need all gifts returned by December 13th, at the latest. Earlier returns will be most appreciated! Any gifts not received by the morning of December 13th will not make it to the families we are trying to help.
One of the most important ways to help the needy families and individuals in our area is to keep help coming throughout the year. So we will place some tags on our Christmas Gift tree, marked “Donation to Parish Social Ministry”. These donations will enable our Parish Social Ministry to respond to needs in the coming year, such as requests for help with overdue utility and rent bills and other expenses that come up and are outside people’s ability to pay them with their meager incomes. This is another way that the generous people of St. Stanislaus can reach out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.
And there will be some gifts tags for toys for boys and girls who are helped by Catholic Social Services in Norristown, through our Youth Group.
> Please put the gift tag in a very visible place.
> Please do not wrap gifts. We need to give them to the parents unwrapped.
> We do not give out any violent or inappropriate toys, especially toy guns, boxing gloves, and other toys like those.
> If you do not know what gift to get, a gift card to a local store, such as Walmart or Target, is a good alternative.
Thank you in advance for your wonderful generosity! And blessings to you and your family in this holy season of Advent.

Our December Food Collection will be on the weekend of December 5 & 6. And right now our food cupboard is in great need of the following items:
Non-Food Needs: toilet paper; facial tissue; bar soap; body wash; liquid laundry detergent, liquid dish detergent; hand soap; deodorant
Food Needs: canned meat and fish; coffee; sugar; low sugar jelly/jam; pasta sauce; tomatoes – canned diced, crushed, paste & pureed; peanut butter; beans – but not green beans!; crackers
Also, please remember that we are unable to use the following:
Baby items – Catholic Social Services in Norristown can really use them!
Outdated or opened food items – we cannot give these out and we must then dispose of it & the local bird sanctuary no longer takes them!
Over-sized products or packages – we find they are not taken and remain on our shelves;
Any sugared items where healthier substitutes are available: cereals, snacks, etc.;
Prepared rice – people seem to prefer plain rice as the prepared rice boxes remain on our shelves
Thank you for all that you do, as the Food Cupboard would not exist without your dedicated support and wonderful generosity! May God bless you and your families for your on-going support to the needy in our Lansdale community. And may you enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving! Gratefully, Sister Barbara

Bereavement Ministry
The death of someone important to you – whether it is a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a child – is a difficult and highly emotional experience. Your grief journey can be overwhelming or even confusing at times. The Bereavement Ministry of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, in conjunction with St. Stanislaus Parish, is here to help you, guide you, and prayerfully support you as you heal.
Beginning in September, on the second Thursday of each month, there will be a general support group meeting offered at the two parishes. There will be a morning session offered at MMR from 10 to 11:30 am, and an evening session offered at St. Stanislaus from 7 to 8:30 pm. These sessions will be structured with a particular topic presented by trained facilitators, followed by group sharing and discussion. Bereaved adults are welcome to attend any or all meetings. Upcoming topics and dates:

January 14, 2016: Moving Ahead in the New Year when You Don’t Want to Move at all.
February 11, 2016: Surviving Stress and Loneliness
March 10, 2016: Feelings of Denial, Bargaining, and Guilt
April 14, 2016: Feelings of Anger and Depression
May 12, 2016: Connecting with God through Grief
June 9, 2016: Helping Children Cope with Grief
July 14, 2016: The Value of Memories
These groups are offered to all, parishioners and non-parishioners, Catholic and non-Catholic, with no fee and with no pre-registration necessary. If you are unable to attend the group, but are in need of support, our ministry can also offer one-to-one, compassionate listening. For more information or questions, call Mary Coakley at 215.646.4192.