The next Food Cupboard collection will be on the weekend of December 6 & 7.

Christmas Gift Giving Trees
On the first weekend of Advent, November 29th and 30th, our parish Christmas Gift Giving Trees will be set up with gift tags for you to take and help those in need in our area.
As we will be putting the bags together for the families on December 14th, we will need all gifts returned by then at the latest. Earlier returns will be most appreciated! Any gifts not received by the morning of December 14th will require that we substitute and we really don’t want to disappoint any child!
Unfortunately, gifts that come in after noon on December 14th are too late for us to get to the children.
One of the most important ways to help the needy families and individuals in our area is to keep help coming throughout the year. So we will place some tags on our Christmas Gift tree, marked “Donation to Parish Social Ministry”. These donations will enable our Parish Social Ministry to respond to needs in the coming year, such as request for help with overdue utility and rent bills and other expenses that come up and are outside people’s ability to pay them with their meager incomes. This is another way that the generous people of St. Stanislaus can reach out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.
And there will be some gifts tags for toys for boys and girls who are helped by Catholic Social Services in Norristown, through our Youth Group.
> Please put the gift tag in a very visible place so we can match the gift with the correct family.
> Please do not wrap gifts. We need to give them to the parents unwrapped.
> We do not give out any violent or inappropriate toys, especially toy guns, boxing gloves, and other toys like those.
> If a gift request is unclear or you can’t find the item, a gift card to a store that sells something similar is a good alternative.
Thank you in advance for your wonderful generosity! And blessings to you and your family in this holy season of Advent.