Our November Food Collection will be on the weekend of November 1 & 2. For this upcoming food cupboard we are in need of the following items:

Food Needs: rice, canned meat and fish, pasta sauce, pasta, canned fruit, hearty low-sodium soups, juice, juice boxes, healthy snacks, coffee, jam/jelly, peanut butter, sugar/honey, pancake syrup and mayo
Non-Food Needs: dish detergent, facial tissue, bar soap, body wash, toothpaste, adult toothbrushes and paper towels
Also, we need your help by NOT giving us:
Baby items – Catholic Social Services in Norristown can really use them!
Outdated or opened food items – we cannot give these out and we must then dispose of it & the local bird sanctuary no longer takes them!
Over-sized products or packages – we find they are not taken and remain on our shelves;
Any sugared items where healthier substitutes are available: cereals, snacks, etc.;
Prepared rice – people seem to prefer plain rice as the prepared rice boxes remain on our shelves
Thank you again for all that you do, as the Food Cupboard would not exist without your dedicated support and wonderful generosity! May God bless you and your families for your on-going support to the needy in our Lansdale community.
With gratitude, Sister Barbara